How Green For Life's CEO built a $9 billion garbage empire

GFL’s founder Patrick Dovigi’s appetite for risk helped him build one of the largest waste management companies in history. Here’s how he did it – and what’s coming next.

For: The Toronto Star

Meet The Parents

Alisha Rollinson underwent 10 rounds of fertility treatment and miscarried four times in four years. She was shattered, exhausted and losing hope when the unthinkable happened – twice. 

For: Toronto Life

Why Olympians are struggling to get sponsorships

You can be the fastest in the world, but when you’re competing for corporate cash, athletic performance isn’t all that matters

For: The Walrus

Re-skilling in the age of AI: does it work?

Millions of workers worldwide could lose their jobs to AI over the coming years and IBM says it has a program that can help. Other experts aren’t so sure.

For: The Toronto Star

What to EVs mean for the future of the gas station?

In anticipation of an EV revolution, Canada’s largest fuel companies are revamping gas stations into multi-purpose leisure hubs. Imagine pulling off the highway into a charging station that includes a park, exclusive food and shopping options.

For: The Globe and Mail

What makes a good story?

I tend to cover business, health, tech and sports. But, I am receptive to any story pitch that combines three things: character, tension, and a so what factor. 

Who are the people in the story and why are they interesting?

What are they doing, or what is happening to them? How is that impacting the world?

Why does it matter?

If we can answer the following questions, I’m probably interested